Coffee lover? Here are 5 coffee shops in Mexico City that you must visit

If you are a true coffee lover, look no further than Mexico City. The city has a wide variety of coffee shops that offer coffee lovers a unique and delicious experience. From traditional to modern cafes, this city has something for everyone.

For many people, coffee is a beverage important that helps them to start the day and keeps them energized. But for true coffee lovers, coffee is so much more. Coffee is an experience in itself, from the choice of beans to the preparation and aroma. If you are in the Mexico City, you will not find a coffee experience unique anywhere.

Here are the 5 best coffee shops in Mexico City that you should not miss.

Here are the 5 best coffee shops in Mexico City for you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

El Pendulo

Located in the La Roma neighborhood, El Pendulo is a coffee shop that combines the love for books and coffee. In addition to a wide variety of coffee drinks, you can also enjoy a good book while relaxing in a cozy and quiet environment. The cafeteria has a large selection of books in Spanish and English, and often hosts cultural and literary events.

Café Avellaneda

Café Avellaneda is a Cuban-style cafeteria located in the Condesa neighborhood. The cafeteria offers a selection of Cuban coffee drinks, as well as pastries and empanadas. But what really distinguishes this place is its cozy and traditional atmosphere, designed to make you feel as if you were in Cuba.

Chiquitito Café

Chiquitito Café is a small coffee shop located in the Escandón neighborhood that offers a completely different coffee experience. Here you can enjoy coffee drinks and desserts in a creative way, as the drinks are presented in canning jars and the desserts in small pots. In addition, the café also offers coffee workshops and tastings.

Buna 42

Buna 42 is a modern buffet restaurant located in Colonia Juarez. The café offers a wide selection of coffee drinks, as well as healthy and vegetarian dishes. The modern and minimalist ambiance of the café makes it the perfect place to work or study while enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Café El Jarocho

Café El Jarocho is a traditional Mexican coffee shop that has become an icon of Mexico City. With several locations in the city, the cafeteria offers a wide variety of coffee drinks and typical Mexican dishes such as pan dulce and chilaquiles. The colorful and traditional decoration of the cafeteria makes you feel as if you were in an authentic Mexican café.

What should you know before visiting these coffee shops?

  • Be sure to check the opening hours of each cafeteria before your visit, as they may vary.
  • If you plan to work or study in a coffee shop, be sure to check if it offers Wi-Fi and if there is a time limit on usage.
  • In some cafĂ©s, it is customary to pay a tip for service.
  • Make sure you have enough cash to tip adequately.


If you are a true coffee lover, you can’t miss the experience of visiting these 5 coffee shops in Mexico City. From traditional to modern, each offers something unique and special. So grab your favorite cup of coffee and visit these coffee shops for an unforgettable coffee experience in Mexico City. You won’t regret it!

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