How to save money on your Cancun vacation

If you’re planning a Cancun vacation but don’t want to break the bank, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we provide some tips on how to save money on your Cancun vacation without sacrificing the quality of your experience.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead will allow you to find the best deals on accommodations, flights and activities in Cancun. Consider the low season and avoid traveling during peak travel periods, such as school vacations.

Find the best accommodation offers

Use hotel booking websites and look for accommodations in less touristy areas of Cancun. Also, consider staying in apartments or vacation homes instead of luxury hotels.

Book your flights in advance

Book your flights at least two months in advance to find the best prices and avoid traveling during peak demand days.

Research discounts on activities

Research online to find discounts on activities and tourist attractions in Cancun. You can find cheaper tickets online or at ticket kiosks at the destination.

Eat at local places

By eating local, you can experience the authentic culture and cuisine of Cancun while saving money. Consider the following tips:

Try the street food stalls

Street food stalls offer delicious dishes at more affordable prices than tourist restaurants.

Visit local markets

Visit local markets to buy fresh food and prepare your own meals, which will allow you to save money in restaurants.

Use public transportation

Public transportation is a cheaper option than taking cabs or renting a car. Here are some tips on how to use it:

Use local buses

Local buses are an economical and reliable option for getting around Cancun.

Rent a bicycle

Renting a bicycle is a fun and economical way to explore Cancun.

Search for promotions and coupons

Find online promotions and coupons to save on your purchases and activities in Cancun. Consider the following tips:

Sign up to receive email offers

Sign up on the websites of local attractions and stores to receive exclusive email offers.

Download coupon applications

Download coupon and discount apps to get exclusive deals at restaurants and attractions.


Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy your vacation in Cancun without ruin you. Planifique eat out, use public transportation, and find deals and coupons to save money. Remember, the key to saving money is to be creative and be willing to explore options beyond the traditional tourist attractions.

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